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Tony's App for The Games

**Note: I am playing Tony as he is in 2012 film, The Avengers. His cannon point has not (currently) been mentioned enough in-game that it cannot be adjusted to accommodate other cast mates, if they would like me to. However, I have been playing Tony as though he has experienced thus far, all the events in The Avengers [film] and has returned to Stark Tower to begin renovations.

Tony Stark's Wikipedia entry and Iron Man/Tony Stark's Marvel Wiki entry, and just for giggles, here is the Iron Man (film) Wikipedia entry, because I am much more comfortable playing Cinematic Universe Tony than Marvel-616 Tony, and there are differences…

Tony Stark is a complex guy. Anyone who knows him would not dare to argue otherwise. Though, it could be said that those who know him might also tell you that 'complex' isn't exactly the first descriptive word they would choose to describe Tony Stark. Egotistical, self-obsessed, narcissistic, and eccentrically brilliant might come to mind before the word complex ever did. But nevertheless, Stark, like much anyone else in the world, is far more than what he seems.

Tony Stark was born into wealth. His father, Howard Stark was one of the most brilliant minds of his generation; one of the minds behind the Manhattan Project, as well as founder of Stark Industries -- a multi-billion dollar corporation world renowned for its superior technologies, advanced weaponry and defense technologies -- and had already made his fortune before Tony had even been born. That same fortune, not only would Tony come to inherit after his parents' untimely death, but would also greatly expand upon in years to come, through his own investments and business endeavors. Currently, he is worth billions of dollars, so it is easy to see why Tony has extremely expensive tastes, though they are tastes not born of any true superiority complex, but born out of habit, upbringing and preference.
Though he lives primarily in his lavish, oceanfront estate in Malibu, California, Tony was raised primarily in New York City, in his parents' 5th Avenue mansion. As a child who never need want for anything, Tony had his mother, his father, but mostly a string of nannies and a handful of tutors who were responsible for much of Tony's upbringing. His parents were both excessively busy and important people, and as a child, it left Tony with a bit of an underdeveloped need for attention, which was rarely pacified with anything other than material items, and as he grew this developed into an "if I want it, I should be able to have it" kind of attitude that even as an adult, Tony has never been able to shake.

It may be an odd statement, but money has a good deal to do with Tony's habits and interactions with the world. He has lived a life where it's never been a worry or a concern; where it's been readily available in such abundance that it has actually made him somewhat removed from the rest of the population. A perfect but subtle example of Tony's almost complete disassociation with what normal people 'need money for' is when Tony trades a wrist watch, worth literally several thousand dollars, for a box of strawberries without so much as a second thought. He trades this watch because he thinks he needs the strawberries, and also knows that watch can easily be replaced. The man he trades the watch/strawberries with insists that it's far, far too much, but to Tony, it's simply him paying for something that he needs, because that's what people do, right?

This does not mean that Tony does not understand the concept of money, of course. Because in actuality, Tony understands a great deal of things. Understands them better than just about anyone in fact, because much like his father, Tony possesses a staggering and stunningly brilliant mind.

Even at a very early age, Tony was considered a prodigy. A wunderkind. Always encouraged and expected to do and be the best, Tony was building circuit boards the by the time most boys his age were learning to ride their bicycles, and designing engines when other kids were at baseball practice. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with highest honors and degrees in both computer science and engineering at the age of 17. Credentials alone are enough to prove his genius, but it's his creations and inventions that truly speak for themselves.

Proving himself in general though, has always been… something of a challenge for him. Maybe not on a global scale, because Tony isn't sure that he cares all that much about what nine billion strangers think of him. But there has always been a shadow over his head in the shape of Howard Stark, but rarely did he get the man himself. As the genius son of a genius, much was expected of Tony; not all of it good. Howard had been a brilliant man, a business tycoon in the public eye; an emotionally distant alcoholic in private. So for all that Tony may have shined on his own, rarely was he ever on his own father's radar.

Not long after his graduation from MIT, both Tony's parents were killed in a car crash on Long Island when he was still just 17 years old. Not legally old enough to inherit the responsibilities of an entire company, Tony was not made CEO of Stark Industries until he was 21. The 4 years in-between his parents death and his legal take-over of the company, SI was run by family friend and Howard's business partner, Obadiah Stane.

Before his incident in Afghanistan, which we will get to in just a moment, Tony 's inventions and contributions to the world were largely military-centric; defense missiles, guidance technologies, jet engine propulsion systems, satellite surveillance. Stark Industries was, for many long years, the United States military's biggest weapons contractor. If it had anything to do with blowing things up - whether it be the device itself or its guidance system or even the plane that got it there, one could bet that Stark Industries had a great deal to do with whatever 'it' happened to be.
That is, of course, until Afghanistan.

Only a few years ago, Tony was on a business trip in the Middle East, there to make a demonstration to the US military on his newest and latest gadget; a ferociously powerful missile called the Jericho. But while en route to return to the military's base camp after the demonstration, Tony, along with the entire military envoy was ambushed. Captured and critically wounded, Tony awoke in a cave with an electromagnet embedded into the center of his chest; its power provided by a car battery, and its purpose was to keep the irremovable pieces of shrapnel in his chest from entering his heart and killing him.

During his time with his captors, Tony is 'asked' to build another Jericho missile; a request which Tony internally refuses, but feigns cooperation to give himself time to put his escape plan in motion. Tony does build, however. With the large supply of materials (which are all disturbingly Stark Industry products) given to him by his captors to recreate the Jericho, Tony first crafts a small, self-sustaining clean energy source called an arc reactor, to serve as a far more functional replacement to the car battery hooked up to his chest. The arc reactor's potential power is said to be able to run Stark's heart for over fifty lifetimes. Or, in more tangible terms, run an average American home for 2.43 years. (Yes. Math. It's awesome.)

With his new ticker installed, and an extremely accessible power source at hand, Tony and his fellow captive, a man named Yinsen, construct a crude but functional armed metal suit which allows Tony to escape. And escape he does. But not before destroying most of the camp along with all their cache of Stark Industry weapons that Tony initially believes to be stolen.
After his escape, Tony is found by the military and returned home to the United States. In a public press conference, Tony immediately announces that Stark Industries will no longer be creating weapons. Professionally, Tony begins his focus in the production of clean energy. Personally? Well, that's another matter entirely.

After his stint in Afghanistan, where Tony learns that not only does the enemy have possession of his technology, but that people within his own company have been selling it to them… well, Tony has had his eyes opened. And while he may be a narcissistic, rich, man-child with daddy issues, even after seven shots of tequila he can still see when a line has been crossed. So, he takes matters into his own hands and designs a much more sleek and efficient armored suit, fully flight-capable, weaponized and with the latest and greatest of his computer software to assist in processes, navigation and basically any other thing that Stark needs it to do.

It begins as a means to rid the wrong hands of his technology. But as many great ideas tend to do, the suit became far more than just that. Eventually Tony's the suit makes its way into the public eye, and gains quite a lot of attention. Most of it, positive. "Iron Man," as the press dubs him, is a protector. A single-manned suit of armor capable of taking out an F16 fighter jet with ease, or an entire platoon of robotic soldier-droids, he actually does a decent job of keeping some semblance of peace in the world. And thusly, Tony Stark begins his life as not just Tony Stark, but Iron Man as well.


Tony, for all his wealth and glamorous lifestyle is a surprisingly regular guy. Uh… comparatively. Sure, he appreciates a finely tailored suit and wristwatches worth more than most peoples' cars, but when he's around his home, down in his workshop, he's really just a jeans and t-shirt kind of person. Designer jeans, naturally, but that's only because Tony never even considers that he should buy anything else. Even the stuff he knows he's going to get greasy and stained after its first wear.

He's always been handsome. Big brown eyes and wavy dark hair that he keeps well styled, and yes, occasionally pays for someone to hide the grey that is beginning to show at his temples. He's also a relatively healthy person, if you discount his diet that consists mostly of caffeine and vodka. As a rule, Tony likes to keep himself presentable. Part of it is his own vanity as Tony Stark, and part of it is just keeping up a public image. But he does work out regularly. Even put in a complete gym a few years ago, and since his bodyguard is a trained boxer, it's easy to have a workout partner when you're paying them to be there anyway. But as Iron Man, well, knowing a few tricks in hand-to-hand combat is probably going to come in handy every once in a while

The public largely knows Tony Stark as simply, the billionaire playboy that he is. Charming, funny, and the sort of person who marches to his own drum… because he can, and who is going to tell him otherwise? He's a witty, snarky kind of guy who can be a real smartass if he wants to be. And that mile-a-second brain of his almost has a mouth to match. If you ever get Tony worked up about anything he cares to talk about, be prepared to never get a word in edgewise. He also has a terrible habit of talking at people rather than talking to them.

Actually, Tony had a number of terrible habits. He drinks a little too much, for one, and some days are worse than others. He can be a bit of a child sometimes, throwing or knowing things over when he's upset about not getting his way. He also isn't a big fan of sharing. He might have just about anything in the world he could possibly have, but he gets very angry about people taking things that belong to him. Though, though on the flip side of that, he can be incredibly generous. He's the kind of person who would give you the left shoe off his foot if he thought you needed it, but… don't just take it from him because it will only piss him off.

But for all his brains and money, good looks and charm, Tony doesn't have an abundance of people that he would consider to be particularly close friends. An abundance of acquaintances who can put him on the VIP list of just about anywhere? Yes. But most of the people in his life that he deals with on more than a superficial level are employees and co-workers. And yes, many of them are employees and co-workers that he enjoys on some level, but if it comes down to forging a relationship with a person who he is isn't paying to be around him anyway… it probably isn't going to happen. Not that Tony is an unlikable or uncaring person. The truth of the matter is, most of what Tony Stark is concerned with has a lot to do with… Tony Stark. He knows is just about as well as everyone else. And frankly, it just isn't the best way to go about making deep, long-lasting relationships, when no other person is every really going to be seen as a priority. Even the people in his life now, who love and adore Tony would say that he sort of just grew on them more than they actually really liked him at first. Like a cancer. A rich, egocentric cancer who has a talent for snarky comebacks and blowing things up. All in all, Tony's a kick-ass acquaintance to have. But a friend… well, it's something that he's trying to work on.


Tony Stark's motivations: Tony Stark.

I wrote that as a joke, but it's not entirely untrue. Though, his near-death experience in Afghanistan has changed that quite a bit, sometimes it just takes the fear of death and to wake a person up.

Day to day, Tony is the best Tony when he's creating things. He's an inventor. A genius mastermind who…. probably has a bit of ADD; Tony is always doing something. He only really stops moving when he sleeps, and it's debatable how much of that he actually gets. He's got a super-computer that runs his house, a workshop full of robots and cars and a collection of armored suits, all of which Tony has designed, dismantled, upgraded, reconfigured, refitted, torn to pieces or built from the ground up all on his own, and that's only the things he keeps in his house. He'd tinker around all day if the world would let him. Trouble is, he has a company to run, and Tony basically operates on his own schedule at all times.

On a larger scale, Tony just wants to make the world as awesome as he thinks it should be. It wasn't always that way. But the little blue light in the centre of his chest is a constant daily reminder that there are things that are not alright with the world, and if Tony has the means to change them… well, why shouldn't he. It's not as simple as that of course. He didn't wake up with a hole in his chest and think to himself 'hey, I think I will try to save the world now!' No. But Tony is aware that he had lived life in a pretty comfortable state of oblivion. And when you see that people are dying at the hands of enemies who you unknowingly helped arm, when you see villages getting destroyed because of things you crated or a cities get attacked because a crazy man thinks you owe him something, and you know you have the power to put a stop to it? Well, what kind of a person does it make you, if you don't?
To Tony, he finds himself owing a lot of himself -his current self - to the man whom he was captured with in Afghanistan. The man who helped him melt down missile cores palladium for his first personal arc reactor, who helped him weld together his first suit of armor, and the man who sacrificed himself so that Tony could escape. So that Tony could live.

Yinsen's last words, were, "Don't waste it."

And, well… Tony's doing his best not to.


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Tony Stark